Pastor Raymond Hadley

Pastor / Director

PHONE: (321) 280-4290

Born and raised in Illinois, Raymond Hadley left for college, graduated with a BA degree, and began full-time ministry June 1969 as Associate Pastor ministering with youth and music. In May 1971, he became pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, Orlando, Florida then reorganized it as Hope Baptist Church in Forest City, Florida, July 1972, and continuing to the present. He also presently is Resident Pastor of Liberty Church Orlando, in Altamonte Springs, Florida. For over forty years he has been active in Central Florida Conservative Ministers Political Forum, interviewing candidates running for office in local, county, state, and federal campaigns. His passion is to fulfill the vision and mission of Reclaiming Florida For Christ.

Progress Bars

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Development 85%
Business 65%
Marketing 75%
Graphic design 53%

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